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Connecting Biomes: The Journey of Kumache

Join this unprecedented journey across South America in a 4x4 vehicle, connecting the continent through its natural biomes.

We are Carolina and Boris, a couple of biologists working for more than 20 years in wildlife conservation projects and threatened landscapes in the Amazon of Brazil and Venezuela. We have decided to make an unprecedented trip touring all of South America in our 4x4 vehicle, connecting the continent through its natural biomes.

Our main objective is to visit and explore each of the 10 natural biomes present on the continent along a 40,000 km expedition during 30 months (2022-2025), discovering the native flora and fauna of each ecoregion, connecting with sustainable initiatives that provide local solutions in response to existing environmental threats in each biome.

We want to document our experiences and spread all widely through an integrated website, social networks and a book. While doing so, we want to offset the carbon footprint that we generate during the trip, planting native trees in collaboration with local communities and institutions.

South American Biomes

Our mission

1- Promote the appreciation of the biomes that exist in South America, through it's amazing biodiversity (40% of the planet) and formidable cultural richness;

2- Discover and document information on sustainable initiatives that contribute to the resilience of each biome against existing environmental threats (climate change, pollution, deforestation and desertification, mining, excessive hunting, etc.);

3- Disseminate these stories and the initiatives that we are visiting throughout our journey using the concept of natural biome as a connecting element. In addition, we want to inspire others to have a more harmonious lifestyle adapted to their natural environment.


  1. Actions of ecological restoration by planting native plants and trees in each visited biome.

  2. Compensation of our carbon footprint, and of other collaborators who wish to support our project.

  3. Book with full color photos and texts about the stories, the people and the places that we visited during this journey.

  4. Interviews (podcast and audiovisual) on conservation and resilience initiatives in each biome, documenting their actions and impacts.

  5. Sound recordings (sensory experiences) of each visited biome.

  6. Original integrated web page on the biomes of South America containing:

(i) virtual library with information on cultural and biological diversity;

(ii) teaching manuals on nature-based solutions for sustainability and resilience;

(iii) an e-commerce sales platform for products originating from fair and solidarity trade;

iv) blog of classic culinary recipes, rescuing traditional knowledge and native ingredients.

Our mission and goals are directly aligned with the objectives proposed by the United Nations (UN) for the period 2021-2030 (Resolution 73/284), called the "Decade of Ecosystem Restoration", which have as fundamental basis:

" Halt, prevent and reverse ecosystem degradation and effectively restore degraded terrestrial, freshwater and marine ecosystems around the world."


The Decade of Ecosystem Restoration concerns us all: communities, innovators, investors, governments, private companies and individuals are called to value our duties for this Decade.

In addition, the actions we propose are associated with seven of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals:

Objective 06 – Clean water and sanitation

Objective 07 – Affordable and clean energy

Goal 11 – Sustainable cities and communities

Goal 12 – Responsible consumption and production

Goal 13 – Action against global climate change

Objective 14 – Underwater Life

Objective 15 – Life of terrestrial ecosystems.

Planned route

Our land journey through the 10 biomes of South America, starting from Manaus, in the Brazilian Amazon, to Barranquilla in the desert of the Colombian Caribbean coast.

Our route across all 10 natural biomes of South America

Impact in numbers

By supporting our project, you can be part of this global movement, helping to restore and reverse the degradation of natural biomes in Latin America - it's time to act!

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