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“Kumache Regenerating Life”

We announce our exclusive memberships created to fund and support our core project:


Between September 2022 and October 2025, we, Carolina and Boris Marioni will make an unprecedented trip touring all of South America in a vehicle, connecting the continent through its natural biomes.


During the trip, we plan to visit and focus on initiatives/projects that provide sustainable solutions to environmental problems in each biome of South America (as for ex. reforestation, rewilding areas with native fauna and flora, organic farming and waste recycling, among other conservation subjects). The main objective is to create a network between these initiatives that are working toward the biome's resilience, support them, disseminate and share what they do, and thus motivating others to join in taking action.


Additionally, another important purpose of this journey is to contribute to the regeneration and recovery of degraded natural spaces by planting thousands of native trees, at the same time offsetting the carbon footprint that is being generated by the trip itself. To know more about this project, please visit this link.


Beside to support this amazing journey through your membership, we propose to a very limited group of members, the possibility to contribute for planting more native trees through all biomes, and as well partially compensate their CO2 footprint and contribute to diminish the urgent global climate warming situation we are facing all over the planet.


 You can be part of the solution!


The “Kumache Regenerating Life” Club offer 4 categories of membership for supporting our project, each one of them with several benefits:

Contributions can be made here through Bank transfers or using PayPal and are tax deductibles. Please, contact us to provide you with all the information.

Never ever has been more crucial to plant trees and restore

our Mother Earth!

*The names of categories of membership are names of ecosystems and native trees from the Brazilian Amazon, where this project started :-)

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